2015 Graffiti Board Comments

Nurses who attended the 2015 conference were encouraged to write on our graffiti board!

On the first day, nurses were asked to share "In what setting do you provide ambulatory health care?"

The first day comments are shown in the image to the right. On the second day, nurses were asked "what did you like about the conference?"

Here is a graffiti summary about the conference.

⭐️ Positive, enlightening experience!

⭐️ Colleagues, sessions, posters & innovation!

⭐️ Networking! Learning! Sharing ideas!

⭐️ Emphasis on evidence-based practices

⭐️ Helping others- patients, peers, staff!

⭐️ Meeting colleagues in ambulatory care!

⭐️ Poster sessions were excellent

⭐️ Networking

⭐️ Most current practice- what’s happening around the U.S. in ambulatory care nursing realm

⭐️ Fellowship with all the nurses

⭐️ Collaboration! Nurses from all over willing to freely share

⭐️ LPNs are here!

⭐️ Networking, hearing what other areas were doing

⭐️ Innovation

⭐️ People struggling with common issues

⭐️ Learning & inspirational topics

⭐️ Excellent keynote

⭐️ It’s always good to see colleagues

⭐️ Meeting folks going through same growing pains

⭐️ Networking is awesome

⭐️ Collaboration!

⭐️ Opportunity to share our story

⭐️ Everything!!! The learning and networking!

⭐️ All about knowledge on all aspects of ambulatory care settings. Never-ending power of change in practice.

⭐️ Keynote speaker was excellent!

⭐️ Mentoring all nurses to be leaders!

⭐️ CCTM Swan lecture clarifying the role of the RN

⭐️ Orientation—Precepting

⭐️ Learning never stops no matter how long an RN (37 years)

⭐️ Partnering with patients to manage their health

⭐️ Collaboration with professional nurses!

⭐️ Getting my care coordination team and triage teams the best tools to provide patients with excellent care!

⭐️ Information presented; networking!

⭐️ Scope of practice & role specifics

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