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American Nurses Association Call to Action: Protesting Negative Portrayal of Nursing in TNT's "HawthoRNe"

At a time when a new registered nurse shortage looms in the next decade, TNT's June 16th premiere of the nurse drama, "HawthoRNe", unfortunately missed a huge opportunity to portray the nursing profession in the ethical and respectful manner that it deserves and that if handled well, could serve to recruit more young people to the profession.


New Legislation Would Increase Funding for Telemedicine

Congressman Mike Thompson (D-California) recently introduced telemedicine legislation that would provide $30 million in grants to help health facilities pay for telehealth equipment and expand telehealth support services. The Medicare Telehealth Enhancement Act (House Resolution 2068) would expand Medicare reimbursement to urban and suburban areas and include more facilities. It will also allow doctors to monitor patients remotely.


Join Thousands at a Health Care Reform Rally on June 25th!

On June 25th, Health Care for America NOW (HCAN) will host a rally on Capitol Hill around health care reform. The American Nurses Association is one of more than 500 organizations that belongs to HCAN, a grassroots campaign dedicated to passing health care reform in 2009. You can read HCAN's Statement of Common Purpose here.