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Nurse Licensure Compact Position Statement Survey Feedback

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) Position Statement Task Force will be thoroughly reviewing the 220 responses and recommendations received from members following a survey regarding the draft statement sent April 15. The draft statement promotes uniform adoption of the Nurse Licensure Compact. Respondents reviewed the background describing the need for all states to agree to the compact and the advantages/disadvantages to the nurses who may/may not legally provide care to patients in another state.


Help AAACN Grow by Recruiting JUST ONE New Member!

Download a membership application (Acrobat), write your name in the "referred by" section, and give your colleague(s) the application. Or if they would prefer to join online, ask them to insert your name on the application. Members who recruit three or more new members will receive a $100 AAACN gift certificate. The member who recruits the most members receives the grand prize of registration and hotel stay for four nights (double occupancy) at the Las Vegas conference.


What Are You Doing to "Go Green?"

After working on our first "green" conference and having responsibility for implementing some of AAACN's new "green" initiatives, I have become even more aware of all of the ways I may be polluting the planet. Because of our efforts to print as little as possible for the conference and other initiatives we have implemented recently (sending renewal notices via e-mail, having members print membership cards online), I have been paying more attention to everything I discard, how much water and electricity I waste, and how many e-mails I print for which I don't need a paper copy!