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AAACN's Twitter Feed is Great for Nursing Students recently named AAACN's Twitter account as one of the "100 Most Useful Twitter Feeds for Nursing Students." AAACN ranks as number 86 on the list, under "Organizations." The article notes that nursing is an ongoing process and to stay tuned in at any time, nursing students should use Twitter. To follow AAACN on Twitter, visit


Green Tip of the Month - How Healthy is Your Home?

Is your microwave cooking your food safely? Are you using green materials to fix up the house? Are your cleaning products stored safely away? Learn how to live a cleaner, greener, safer lifestyle with the Health eHome interactive program. (Source: WebMD WebMD Editorial and Healthy Child Healthy World Educational Collaborative)

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New Benefit for Dermatology Nursing and Pediatric Nursing Subscribers - Free CNE Contact Hours!

One of the benefits of AAACN membership is receiving a subscription to one of four nursing journals:Dermatology Nursing, MEDSURG Nursing, Nursing Economic$, or Pediatric Nursing. If you subscribe to Dermatology Nursing or Pediatric Nursing, you can now earn FREE contact hours in each issue. To earn your free CNE, simply complete the online posttests.


AAACN's Health Care Reform Web Section Expanded

With the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law this past spring, we know you are curious how the new provisions will affect nursing and specifically, ambulatory care nursing. We recently shared with you a list of valuable resources about the changes expected to take place in health care in the coming months. These resources have been added as a permanent feature in the "Resources" section on the Web site. (Click Resources > Health Care Reform)


AAACN Endorses National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS)

AAACN will continue to support and endorse the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 2011/2012 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS), the only national survey of patient visits made to private, office-based, non-Federal physicians in the United States. AAACN provided a letter of endorsement that will be sent to physicians in an attempt to enlist them into the survey.