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Safety Awareness and Technological Adoption are Keys to Managing Test Results in Family Medicine Offices

After finding great variation in how family medical practices receive and share patient test results, the authors of a new study recommend that guidelines and best practices be developed to assist office staff in providing quality care. The authors interviewed and surveyed staff members and patients at four Ohio family medicine offices. None of the four offices excelled at reporting patient test results, the authors found. Two factors that researchers deemed important in managing test results were safety awareness and technological adoption.


Certain Patients are More Likely to Email Their Physicians

Although not common, more and more physicians are giving out their email addresses to patients in an attempt to communicate better and improve care. A new study has found certain patient characteristics associated with the use of secure electronic messaging. Researchers looked at the messaging behaviors of 175,909 individuals enrolled in an integrated delivery system in the state of Washington. Both patients and providers used a Web site to send secure, electronic messages to each other.


CDC Pandemic Influenza and Public Health Emergencies Workbook Available

As of 12/14/09, the "Coordinating Call Centers for Responding to Pandemic Influenza and Other Public Health Emergencies" Workbook has been posted to the CDC Web site. Board member Suzanne Wells, BSN, RN, participated on the committee that developed this valuable resource. Questions or suggestions for revisions or next steps for the workbook should be sent to and