AAACN's Health Care Reform Web Section Expanded

With the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law this past spring, we know you are curious how the new provisions will affect nursing and specifically, ambulatory care nursing. We recently shared with you a list of valuable resources about the changes expected to take place in health care in the coming months. These resources have been added as a permanent feature in the "Resources" section on the Web site. (Click Resources > Health Care Reform)

We will also be adding the brand new "Health Care Reform" columns published in ViewPoint to this convenient list of resources. Be sure to check this section often as we plan to continue adding links, Web sites, and other information from AAACN members.

If you know of any health care reform resources that would be valuable to your colleagues, please e-mail Pat Reynaga, Chair of the Legislative Team (, who will be reviewing information for this new section.

Visit the Health Care Reform Section