Meet the Candidates - 2020

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Please vote by December 6, 2019 to help decide our next directors and Nominating Committee members.

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Director Candidates (2)

There are two candidates running for one Director position.

Dr. Eileen M. Esposito, DNP, RN-BC, CPHQ

Eileen M. EspositoVP, Ambulatory Clinical Practice & Quality
Jericho, NY

AAACN member since 1998

Candidate Statement:
As an ambulatory care nursing leader who has dedicated her career to assuring safe, appropriate, contemporary evidence-based ambulatory nursing practice across sites and settings of care — serving as a mentor, role model, and leader — it would be my honor and privilege to serve AAACN in a new capacity on the Board of Directors.

As a long-standing member of AAACN, I have a keen understanding of the importance of the Board of Directors in assuring the ongoing success of the only professional organization dedicated to Ambulatory Nursing. I embrace the mission, vision, and values of AAACN, and give back through volunteer activities, e.g., writing for the Ambulatory Core, CCTM Core, participating in the Nurse-Sensitive Indicators Task Force and publishing on ambulatory topics.

I have helped map out the role of the ambulatory nurse, participated in town hall presentations, presented on contemporary issues at several annual conferences and represented AAACN at the national level. I am well-versed in governance structures, and as SIG Chair, was instrumental in the development of the Leadership SIG structure and succession planning to assure that new leaders would be mentored and supported as they grew within AAACN.

I see tremendous synergy between what is required of a Director and the qualities of leadership I am prepared to bring to the table.

As Vice President for Ambulatory Clinical Practice and Quality, I have the experience in promoting the value of the professional ambulatory nurse, and if elected, will vigorously promote AAACN as the premier ambulatory care nursing organization.

Cynthia L. Murray, BN, RN-BC

Nurse Manager Clinical Operations
Mays Landing, NJ

AAACN member since 2008

Cynthia L. MurrayCandidate Statement:
For 11 years, my greatest passion has been honoring AAACN’s mission to expand its influence on the greater nursing community providing opportunities to serve and be mentored by industry leaders. The Legislative Team and Leadership and Veterans Affairs SIGs have molded my nursing practice and advocacy for all things ambulatory.

AAACN’s inclusive nature develops members for leadership roles within the organization and the global nursing community providing an example for nursing organizations in all settings.

In 2015, I received AAACN’s "Above and Beyond" award and was truly humbled to be recognized for simply volunteering to give back to an organization that has given much to me professionally.

Through volunteerism, I served as Chair/Editor of the Ambulatory, CCTM, and Telehealth Scope & Standards, leading each task force to fulfill their charters' publication schedule on time. Presented on and served as a task force member for the RN Role Position and Nurse-Sensitive Indicators phases I/II, and currently serve on the Leadership and VA SIG Advisory Committees. Recently, I co-authored the introductory chapter of the CCTM Core with emphasis on VA team-based model of care.

As a member, I am so proud of the accomplishments of AAACN founders, current members’ achievements, and our future members whose stories have yet to be told in the annals of nursing.

If elected to the Board of Directors, I will endeavor to serve and lead our beloved AAACN, striving to assure its legacy well into the future.

Nominating Committee Member Candidates (2)

There are two candidates running for one Nominating Committee Member position.

Curlissa P. Mapp, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC

Magnet Program Director
Lawrenceville, GA

AAACN member since 2014

Curlissa P. MappCandidate Statement:
I am seeking the office of Nominating Committee member to become further involved with AAACN and to show the value that ambulatory care nurses are bringing to the changing face of healthcare.

Since joining, I have utilized the resources offered through the Standards of Practice, participated with SIGs, and attended as well as presented at conferences. I am impressed with the growth in membership as well as the resources and support for members.

My vision is to promote AAACN’s presence and power to influence nursing practice, as well as to identify and recruit the best slate of candidates that have a passion for ambulatory care nursing. I believe that my previous experience as a Nominating Committee chair for my local oncology nursing chapter and my current role as scholarship chairperson for my organization will help me to be an asset for the Nominating Committee.

It is important for me to give back to the profession by serving and sharing my experiences with others. I am excited for the future of AAACN and I would welcome the opportunity to be further involved with this dynamic group of professional nurses.

Terrie Rill, RN, BSN, MBA-HCM, CCCM

Chief Clinical Services Officer
Phoenix, AZ

AAACN member since 2016

Terrie RillCandidate Statement:
AAACN has had a tremendous impact on my ambulatory care nursing practice and nursing leadership.

My 30-year journey as an ambulatory care nurse has allowed me to practice in the clinic setting as a procedure nurse, Lamaze educator, and advice triage nurse.

My ambulatory care nursing leadership experience has included leading in union environments, leading teams in free standing and provider-based settings in both community and academic practices, as well as overseeing contact center operations. Discovering the AAACN, connecting with other ambulatory care nurses and leaders provided me a sense of belonging and a multitude of resources.

It has been an honor to be part of the task forces, including the Nurse Executive Task Force, SIG community discussions, as well as serving as the Telehealth SIG Chair.

AAACN provides a forum for ambulatory nurses and leaders to share experiences, contribute ideas, and develop evidence-based practices that demonstrate the value of nurses in ambulatory, as well as, elevate the role of ambulatory care nurses.

The passion and expertise our members contribute helps our organization not only supports new members, but also contributes to the further development of ambulatory care nursing. Thus, the Nominating Committee’s responsibility to attract ambulatory care nurses and leaders to key positions within the organization is vital in the continued progress and support AAACN provides.

If elected to the Nominating Committee, I would be honored to serve the organization in recruiting talented members who are committed to furthering the AAACN mission through their elected positions.

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