Charter Process Toolkit

Charter Process Guidelines

Follow the steps of the process as appropriate, eliminating those that do not apply.

  1. Board appoints a board liaison. As indicated, may appoint a staff liaison.
  2. Board Member drafts a charter. (See Appendix A: Charter Template [PDF])
  3. Charter is sent by email to board members with a deadline for review and return. Board members edit with track changes (add date and time to edits) and return to the author of the charter or reply with their approval. Repeat steps 3-4 as needed.Board Meeting
  4. Charter is sent to the BOD for approval.
  5. Board liaison and /or staff liaison places the call for task force members – (See Appendix B: Guideline for the Administrative Process for Establishing a Task Force [PDF])
  6. Board liaison appoints the chair of the task force and shares "AAACN Charter Process" with the chair.
  7. Board liaison and chair appoint members to participate in the task force.
  8. A conference call is scheduled between the board liaison, staff liaison, and chair to begin implementation of the project. (See Appendix C: Guide for Project Kick-Off Meeting [PDF])
  9. Chair works with the board liaison to begin the work of the task force.
  10. Chair communicates charter to task force members.
  11. Task force implements the project.
  12. Chair provides monthly status reports to the board liaison.
  13. Chair submits a board report (See Appendix D: AAACN Project Report [PDF]) for each board meeting.
  14. Chair submits a final report upon completion of the project.
  15. Staff liaison sends thank you letters from the President to all members of the task force upon completion of the project.

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