AAACN Online Library Offers a Variety of Contact Hour Credit

Members and colleagues have convenient access to an array of continuing education in AAACN's Online Library. ViewPoint articles with free contact hours, conference sessions, and Audio Seminars are all just a click away. The Online Library also offers "In Brief" sessions, which are similar topics combined in one session with more than one presenter, that may help improve your practice.

Consider purchasing access to any of these "In Briefs" from our 34th Annual Conference in 2009. Price ($20 each) includes contact hours.

  • Unraveling the Mystery: Making Clinical Research in Ambulatory Care a Reality: Don't Tell me, Show Me! and From Concept to Action: Testing Nursing Sensitive Ambulatory Care Quality Indicators (Sessions 114 and 115)
  • The Patient Passport Initiative: A Tool for People with Cancer to Call Their Own and Bridging the Gap: Building Healthy Communities One Caller at a Time (Session 132)
  • Implementing a Professional Practice Model in Primary Care and The Chronic Care Model and the Primary Care Team: Innovative Approaches to the RN Role (Sessions 212 and 213)
  • Looking to the Future: Developing the Role of the Clinical Nurse Leader and Community Conversations: Steps to Building Healthy Communities (Sessions 222 and 223)

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