AAACN/CALNOC Call For Participants in Nurse-Sensitive Measurement Development

  • Do you have an interest in developing measures to demonstrate nursing’s contribution to patient care in the ambulatory care environment?

  • Are you practicing in the ambulatory care environment?

  • Do you have experience with quality measurement or indicator development?

  • Do you want to help shape our ambulatory nursing future?

The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing (AAACN) and the Collaborative Alliance for Nursing Outcomes (CALNOC) are engaging nurses to participate in a Technical Expert Panel (TEP). The TEP will:

  • Consider NQF endorsed ambulatory measures for application
  • Suggest measure refinements
  • Conduct small tests in their own ambulatory environment to see if the measure definitions would be feasible to collect and provide meaningful benchmarks for practice.

The TEP will have virtual meetings (WebEx) and provide feedback through electronic surveys. We anticipate several meetings for each of the prioritized measure topics.

TEP participants may wish to participate in each topic or selected topics as we sequentially move through the next endorsed measures -- hypertension and future falls. BMI and depression will follow shortly thereafter.

Apply for the TEP

AAACN published the Ambulatory Care Nurse-Sensitive Indicator Industry Report, which includes a thorough overview of ambulatory care nursing performance measures in use, under development, and envisioned for the future – a helpful reference for this work.

Download the free Industry Report

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