Lend Us Your Voice: Present a LIVE Audio Seminar

Do you have important ambulatory care information to share with your colleagues? Consider presenting a LIVE Audio Seminar for AAACN. Audio seminars are 75 minutes long and are a cost-effective way for nurses to learn about new trends, challenging issues, and improving patient care. As a presenter, you will be asked to provide approximately 60 minutes of content and hold a Q&A for the last 15 minutes of the seminar. You select the date and time convenient for you and provide the national office with your slide handouts. Be sure to include three polling questions to make the seminar interactive. The office does the rest, including selecting a Moderator for the seminar! A small honorarium is offered. If interested, contact jane-hummer@uiowa.edu or caligirl021064@yahoo.com.


From the AAACN Online Library