Members Comment on Conceptual Framework Expansion

The Standards Revision Task Force proposed the expansion of the conceptual framework and conceptual diagram for ambulatory care nursing by adding the concept of "environment of care." A survey was emailed to members for their input, and 169 members commented on expanding the framework. The task force will use these results to refine the framework and diagram.

The change was proposed because ambulatory care nursing occurs in its own unique internal environment, different from nursing in other types of practice (e.g. hospital, nursing home, etc). Further, forces in the external environment affect ambulatory care nursing practice in unique ways as well.

The ambulatory care nursing conceptual framework can assist in the design of ambulatory care delivery models; and the development of educational materials; testing materials for competencies and certification; orientation programs; and performance appraisal instruments for ambulatory care nurses. It was AAACN's intent that adding environment as a concept formalizes and defines more clearly the conceptual base of ambulatory care nursing practice.

Results of the survey were:


of members agreed that adding the "environment" to the framework was appropriate.


did not agree.

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