MSNCB Evaluating CCCTM Certification Program; Suspends New Applications

As of August 22, 2019, the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB) suspended new applications for the CCCTM certification program. As many of you have purchased CCTM resources or earned the CCCTM credential, AAACN is committed to keeping you updated and informed regarding this decision.

As you may know, AAACN and MSNCB collaborated to develop the CCTM certification program. The agreement was for 5 years, so now is the time to evaluate the exam's future direction.

The AAACN Board of Directors wants to assure you that AAACN remains committed to CCTM and being the leader in growing and supporting this critical nursing role. Our organization and so many of our members have made a significant investment in CCTM, and the health care industry continues to make CCTM a top priority moving forward.

We know ambulatory care nurses are essential to effective care coordination and to improving health care. AAACN's evidence-based CCTM resources will continue to be available and serve as the foundational references for CCTM RN practice.

Currently, the AAACN Board of Directors is collaborating with the MSNCB Board of Directors to examine the future direction of the CCCTM certification program. We thank you for your patience during this evaluation period and we assure you that we will keep you informed.

For more details and to answer some of the questions you may have, please see the FAQs prepared by MSNCB for CCCTM certificants and candidates. If you have additional questions, concerns, or input, please contact AAACN at

AAACN Board of Directors