Take Advantage of All the Career Center Has to Offer

Whether you're a resident or student actively searching for your first position or a seasoned professional who's curious about what else is out there, you should know what opportunities are available in your field. AAACN has created the AAACN Career Center with the needs of busy ambulatory care nurses in mind. Take advantage of all the resources it has to offer.

The Benefits of Searching Online
While networking and word of mouth are viable components of your overall job search and career exploration strategy, AAACN encourages you to utilize the AAACN Career Center in addition to these methods of job searching. By searching through opportunities posted online, you broaden your search and gain knowledge about more opportunities available to you - across the country and locally- not just those which your friends and colleagues know about. 

Through the AAACN Career Center you can also sign up (anonymously if you choose) for Job Alerts, instant e-mail notifications of new jobs posted to the specialty areas and/or geographical locations of your choice. Job Alerts are a great tool for those who are not actively looking for a position but are curious about what their options are in a certain market. 

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