Poster Presentations

Poster presentations were a very valuable and popular part of the education program offered at the AAACN 2020 Annual (Virtual) Conference.

2020 PostersThis very successful event offers a way for nurses and their facilities to share cutting edge advances and best practices in ambulatory care nursing while educating attendees on their achievements. Conference participants can speak with poster presenters to learn more about their topic.

There were 67 posters displayed as part of the virtual conference. There are an additional 5 posters that are being made for post-conference display only which were not available previously. There are a total of 72 posters available for viewing in the Online Library.

Poster presentations are available to AAACN members only and will be posted online for one year following the AAACN Annual Conference to view/download. If you are not a AAACN Member, view information about joining AAACN today.

Anyone may view the poster content if they have an Online Library account and log in for viewing.

View the 2020 Poster Presentations

(If you are not already, members will be prompted to log in to view the poster presentations.)

Here are a few comments from attendees of (past conferences) when asked what they particularly benefited from at the conference:

“Loved, loved, loved the poster session. Many of the posters represented work by staff nurses! Great work going on out there!”

“Learned so much from the poster sessions both in presentation ideas and content of presenters. “

“The posters were wonderful and the networking they created was wonderful.”

“The presentations and posters were very thought provoking, and relevant to the practice of ambulatory care.”

“Really enjoyed the poster presentations. There were several that interested me and were directly related to something my practice is involved with or interested in starting.”

“Excellent, loved the poster presentations and the networking.”

“I particularly enjoyed the poster presentations! They really showcased the great work being done in ambulatory care.”

"Enjoyed the poster sessions, wish I had more time for reviewing and discussing with presenters."

“The posters were great.”

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