Pediatric SIG

The Pediatric Special Interest Group, as a designated group within the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing, identifies Ambulatory Pediatric Nursing as a key specialty within the AAACN.

The group's purpose is to support and promote networking opportunities for members who have a shared interest in Pediatric Nursing.

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Who We Are

We are working hard to grow membership in AAACN and our SIG. If you know a great pediatric nurse, encourage him or her to join with our Member-Get-a-Member campaign!

How many PED SIG members are in YOUR state? You may also download the map!


  • Serve as a voice for Pediatric Nursing within the organization.
  • Provide a forum to enable members to build collaborative relationships with each other.
  • Provide opportunities to work together on Pediatric initiatives.
  • Maintain a current member database of available Pediatric resources.

Members are always welcome to post a question at any time, as we strive to share best practice and great ideas. We hope you will join us in our journey to develop and support ambulatory leaders.

Welcoming New Members of the Pediatric Special Interest Group

April 2019:
  • Mary Angelides
  • Judith Bolivar
  • Lorri Bowser
  • Hayley Byington
  • Tiffinie Cash
  • Michelle Dostal
  • Rita Fair
  • Tina Hamrick
  • Beth Happ
  • Cheryl Hunt
  • Chantel Johnson
  • Andrea Kelly
  • Cheryl Lightfoot-Taylor
  • Alli Lyons-Robinson
  • Alanna McCune
  • Kelley Means
  • Valerie Ezzel Mendoza
  • Cynthia Nelson
  • Rhonda Oneill
  • Kelly Rothman
  • Tayla Ryan
  • Jennifer Schipp
  • Yuri Shiozawa
  • Jessica Soto
  • Julie Sperling
  • Amanda Spicer
  • Kelley Toli
  • Kathleen Urquico
  • Tracy Weeber
  • Jeannine Whitley
  • Elizabeth Wiedmaier
  • Renee Zellers

Pediatric SIG Connected Community

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There are no meetings scheduled at this time.

Note: Pediatric SIG meeting was held on January 20, 2016. Download the presentaion.

Current Projects

AAACN Annual Conference

Join us for our annual in-person meeting at the AAACN Annual Conference in Chicago, April 15-18, 2020! At our Pediatrics SIG session we will discuss SIG leadership changes and meet members of the SIG, which serves as the voice for pediatric nursing in AAACN. If your practice involves caring for infants and children, join us and network with other AAACN members who are interested in pediatric nursing.

Pediatrics SIG Survey Highlights

A recent 2018 Pediatrics SIG survey with 74 respondents explored similarities and differences between members' backgrounds, practice settings, top concerns and interests, and more.

Managing care delivery in the rapidly changing environment of ambulatory was the topic of highest interest. Just under 32% of respondents currently work in hospital-based clinics.

The majority have been practicing in an ambulatory care setting for at least 3-5 years.

View the 2018 report

Annual Conference

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SIG Leadership



Past Chair

Board Liaison

  • Kathleen Martinez, MSN, RN, CPN