How Do YOU Want to Receive ViewPoint?

Since December 2008, we've been sending you an email notice with online access to ViewPoint as soon as each issue is ready. Many of you have commented how much you like this electronic version. We are now offering members the choice to receive ViewPoint by e-mail only or to continue to receive the newsletter by both mail and email. We are happy to offer ViewPoint two ways and meet the needs of all our members!

If you would like to select the e-mail only option, log in to your account on the AAACN Web site. Once you've logged in, you'll see a blue members-only control panel at the top of the Home Page. Under "Complete an Online Process" click on the link "Update ViewPoint Mailing Preference" to make this change. If you would like to continue receiving ViewPoint by mail, as well as by email, you do not need to do anything.