Member-Get-A-Member Campaign

Member-Get-A-Member CampaignThe Member-Get-a-Member campaign is conducted annually from April 1 to December 31.

In 2019, 131 AAACN members recruited 172 new members - 2019 was another successful year for AAACN membership.

AAACN's membership has climbed to 4,426 members and continues to grow with the help of our members recruiting their friends and colleagues.

We hope that you will take part of this year's Member-Get-a-Member campaign which will begin April through December 2020.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity to earn money towards membership, AAACN products or conference registration.

By recruiting new members to join, you help strengthen AAACN and the ambulatory care nursing specialty. There is power in numbers! Increased AAACN membership means increased recognition of the specialty and enhanced educational opportunities for you. Share the benefits of AAACN membership with your colleagues through the Member-Get-a-Member Campaign and you could earn big rewards!

There is no better promoter of AAACN membership than you. We even make it easy for you - tell us who you'd like to invite to join AAACN by completing this online form, and we'll send your colleague an email that highlights AAACN member benefits and encourages them to join.

Recruiter Rewards

Recruit new members and you could earn rewards!

  • Monthly Prize: Each month, AAACN will hold a drawing and reward one recruiter who recruited a member in that month with a $50 AAACN certificate.* Winners will be announced in the monthly Email Newsletter.
  • Year-End Prizes: At the end of the campaign, additional prizes will be awarded. If you:
    • Recruit one member: Recruiter names will be placed in a drawing to renew one recruiter's membership for two years.
    • Recruit three (or more) members: You will receive a $100 AAACN certificate.*
    • One member who recruits the most new members (five or more): will receive complimentary registration to the following year's conference.
    • In the case of a tie, a drawing will be held to select a winner.Nurse

To be eligible for rewards, make sure your colleagues list your name in the "Who referred you to AAACN?" section on the membership application.

Rewards are calculated on NEW memberships from April through December annually. Monthly rewards are announced in the monthly enewsletter, and year-end rewards are announced in January.

View the 2019 winners!

How to Invite Colleagues to Join AAACN

Tips for Recruiting New Members

Recruiting new members is about sharing your membership experience with others.

Here are some suggestions to help you reach out to potential members and encourage them to join AAACN:

  • Share your copy of ViewPoint with colleagues to show them what they will receive in each issue.
  • Publish an article in your facility newsletter about why you belong to AAACN.
  • When new employees begin working in your facility, tell them how AAACN can help them transition in their new role.
  • Share the benefits of AAACN membership.
  • Forward AAACN emails to your colleagues to let them know how much value they will get as a member.
  • Invite a prospective member to attend the Annual Conference with you.
  • Give a gift of AAACN membership to your staff or colleague

*AAACN certificates may be redeemed for conference registration fee or to purchase products and resources.