The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC)

NAQC Nursing Alliance for Quality Care

The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC), created in 2010 through a grant from Robert Wood Johnson, is a bold partnership among the nation’s leading nursing organizations, consumers, and other key stakeholders to advance the highest quality, safety and value of consumer-centered health care for all individuals, their families, and their communities. NAQC believes that only with stronger, more unified nursing policy ‘voices’ will we achieve dramatic and sustainable achievement in quality and safety for the American public. (1)

The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC) is composed of twenty-two national Nursing organizations and consumer advocacy groups. It believes that  the active engagement of patients, families and others is essential to improving quality and reducing medical errors and harm to patients; and that nurses at all levels of education and across all health care settings must play a central role in fostering successful patient and family engagement.

Patient engagement is a critical cornerstone of patient safety and quality. NAQC has grounded its approach to this topic by recognizing the primary importance of relationships between engaged patients and families and their clinicians, including but not limited to nurses.

During the past 3 years, an expert panel has been working with NAQC to create a sentinel roadmap presented as a six-part strategic plan to improve patient engagement in all care settings. The work of the expert panel is memorialized in a white paper titled: “Fostering Successful Patient and Family Engagement: Nursing’s Critical Role” available on the NAQC Website.


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