AAACN Sets the Standards for Ambulatory Care Nursing

The American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing, the specialty nursing, organization for nurses practicing in ambulatory care settings, is responsible for establishing and maintaining the standards for ambulatory care nursing practice.

Ambulatory is defined as outpatient care in which individuals stay less than 24 hours in the health care environment and are usually discharged to their normal, residential situation following the care episode.

Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Ambulatory Care Nursing, 2017 – 9th Edition

The Standards promotes effective clinical and administrative management of increasingly complex ambulatory care RN roles and responsibilities in a changing health care environment. The 9th Edition contains significant revisions from previous versions, including an updated Scope of Practice statement, as well as updates for the 16 standards of professional ambulatory care nursing practice.

The scope of practice statement addresses the definition and unique characteristics of ambulatory care nursing, the conceptual framework, its history over the past 30 years, the diverse types of ambulatory care settings, the roles of ambulatory care RNs, the trends and issues in ambulatory care and future directions. The standards specify the competencies needed for professional clinical and administrative practice. View in Online Store.

Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Telehealth Nursing, 2018 – 6th Edition

The Standards aligns telehealth nursing with extensive health care environmental and technological transformation. The Scope presents new thinking about telehealth as an integral component of today’s professional health care practice. Inspired by the vision, values and traditions of the past, this edition of the Scope and Standards of Telehealth Nursing reflects current professional norms, practices, and expectation, and recognizes the constantly evolving landscape or professional health systems.

Sixteen Standards are included in the publication with the first six standards addressing the six phases of the nursing process. The remaining ten standards address professional performance in telehealth practice. The Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Telehealth Nursing 6th Edition can be used in a wide variety of agencies to develop the structures and processes of telehealth nursing including policies, procedures, role descriptions and competencies. You can also use the Standards to prepare for the ambulatory care nursing certification exam, which contains questions on telehealth nursing and is the recommended exam to validate telehealth nursing knowledge. Purchase in Online Store.

Scope and Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses in Care Coordination and Transition Management

The standards are a giant step forward in that they include the first statement of the scope and standards of practice for professional nurses in a relatively new role, care coordination and/or transition management (CCTM). While the activities of these roles in current times have been evolving over the past twenty five years, there has never been formal identification, specification and/or publication of the scope and standards of practice. This resource may be used as a tool to advance professional care coordination and/or transition management nursing practice, patient and population health, and the performance outcomes of health care institutions.

The publication includes the definition of CCTM, defining characteristics for RNs practicing in the CCTM role, and an initial conceptual framework that was adapted from models cited in the Care Coordination and Transition Management Core Curriculum. The framework offers a structure for cataloguing and unifying the distinct relationships and interactions among the professional nurse, the patient, group and/or population, the inter-professional health care team, and the resources across the health care continuum. Purchase in Online Store.

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