2017 Conference Testimonials

Attendees always say the networking with other nurses is one of the best benefits of the conference.

"What a great honor it was for me to be among some of the best nurses in the field! Plus, I have to be honest- I enjoyed every moment I had on stage! I hope to have the honor again one day, but wanted to thank all those involved in the process and planning of such a great organization." - David Chatterton, MSN, RN; University of Utah; South Jordan, UT; Speaker at AAACN 42nd Annual Conference in New Orleans, 2017

"The AAACN Conference is always renewing, and a great motivator and energizer." - Eileen Farrell, The Villages, FL, member since 2005

"I recently attended the AAACN conference in New Orleans. It was my first and it was WONDERFUL! I learned so much, and a lot of what I learned validated that my facility was going in the right direction. The conference also enhanced my knowledge in areas where I did not feel confident." - Cherilyn Re, RN, MSN, MHA, NE-BC, Gouverneur Health, Hempstead, NY

"I had the best time at the conference and learned so much that I can take back to my organization! Thank you to all who organized this conference for us to grow professionally!!!" - Amber Smith, Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, MO

I am over-the-top delighted about the work AAACN has done to contribute to certifications in ambulatory care nursing and in care coordination. -Beth Barnett, RN, BSN, PhD, Nurse Care Coordinator, Medstar; Chevy Chase, MD; Member since 2017

"Networking was wonderful and the posters were particularly helpful and diverse. As a first-time attendee, I thought the conference was wonderful & informative! The sessions were interesting and diverse...the posters sparked new ideas...and the networking was fabulous! I will definitely return! Thank you to the planning committee, the board, and all the presenters for a well thought out conference!" -Mary Liesman Clement, BSN, RN, Nurse Manager, Duke Spine Clinic and Ortho Trauma; Durham, NC, Member since 2016

"This was my first nursing conference in my 10 year career as a nurse. I have worked in Ambulatory Care my whole career and it was such a pleasure to network with nurses who work in the same area. This conference rejuvenated my spirit and passion for what I do. I walked away feeling like a leader in my field and with more confidence then I have ever had. I hope to return time and time again." -Stacy Dancker, MPH, BSN, RN, VHA, PACT, RN Care Manager; VHA, Spokane, WA; Member since 2017

"The poster presentations and the rapid fire sessions were the most applicable to our practice. We received great benefit from these learning opportunities as well as the wonderful networking it provided." -Amy Fulwood, BSN, RN-BC; N Florida/S GA. Veterans Administration, Hernando, FL; Member since 2016

"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference. I met phenomenal nurses and our conversations were genuine." -Denise Gates-Baker, MSN, RN OCN, Faith Community Nurse, Shift Nurse Manager; Emory Midtown Winship Ambulatory Infusion Center; Atlanta, GA; Member since 2015

"This was a first-time experience and I hope to attend again next year! What an amazing time!! I'm a Navy Nurse and I was impressed all the way around with the presentations and each person I met. Words can't even describe. Thanks, AAACN!" -Lt Jessica Rose Howell, NC, USN, MSHS, BSN, RN; Naval Hospital Pensacola; Pensacola, FL; Member since 2015

"I appreciated that the sessions were marked with "L", "T" and "C" to indicate which would be most appropriate to your practice. I am a nurse care manager certified in CCTM, so the sessions I attended were very applicable to my work." -Cindy Miller, ND, RN, CCCTM, University of Colorado Hospital; Denver, CO; Member since 2015

"This was my very first AAACN Conference and I loved it!!! This was the best conference I have ever attended, and I have attended many! The organizers did an excellent job in preparing a conducive and exciting learning environment, speakers were SMEs - Subject Matter Experts who shared their knowledge and expertise, poster presentations were remarkable, and the attendees were amazingly friendly and very much into networking! AAACN serves its members, impacts the future, and has strength in numbers!" -Theresa Mostasisa, EdD, BSN, MS, RN, PHN, DSD; Clinical Educator, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Sutter Health, Bay Area, CA; Member since 2017

"The conference offered an opportunity to network with different organizations on similar issues in the ambulatory setting. MAs' roll and scope in clinic was of interest to me; we are just on-boarding MAs' in clinic; we need a clear standard of practice for MAs. I was impressed with the overall experience, most of my nursing journey has been in the inpatient setting. I see the future of nursing exploding in the ambulatory setting and am excited to be part of it." -Lucille Sullivan, MSN, RN; Education Specialist Division of Outpatient Cardiology Heart Institute, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center; Cincinnati, OH; Member since 2016

"I felt like everyone who attended was very approachable and easy to talk to, even the ones who had written textbooks or spoken as examples to the rest of us. Everyone seemed eager to discuss issues and share the progress they had made." -Ruth Tretter, RN, St.Luke's Health System, Boise, Id; AAACN member since 2017

"This was a great opportunity and I am inspired by some of the speakers and poster presenters to make some changes in my practice. I have been a nurse for 31 years and I am so pleased that I can still take home pearls." -Lisa Yakub RN, BSN, CPN Children's Hosp of Phila-Care Network HighPoint, Chalfont, PA; Member since 2017

"AAACN's Conference is a great place to network, learn from colleagues, knock around ideas and validate what you are currently doing. Every RN should be associated with a strong networking group like AAACN." -Portia Zaire, BSN, RN, MSNEd, Director of Clinical Nursing; Primary One Health; Columbus, OH; Member since 2015