Volunteer in AAACN

AAACN members are invited to assist the association in meeting its goals by volunteering to serve on a committee, task force, work group, or in other capacities. We know you will find the professional development that comes from volunteering is very rewarding. View all of the opportunities available.

Members can choose to volunteer at a level that works for them. You may become involved by participating in Special Interest Groups (SIG) discussion lists, others find satisfaction in presenting at conference sessions.

No one can do it all, but by each of us sharing our expertise, as we are able, much can be accomplished. Active participation in AAACN provides you many opportunities for professional growth and personal satisfaction.

Providing poster presentations, participating on committees or work groups, contributing to a publication, writing articles for the ViewPoint publication or "Perspectives in Ambulatory Care Nursing" column in Nursing Economic$, or serving on our Expert Panel, are just a few other areas that you may participate as a volunteer.

You may choose to take volunteerism to the next level by leading a SIG, committee, project or work group. Chairs frequently move up from within a committee or SIG. Leaders of projects or work groups usually have experience serving in other roles within the association, or in their workplace.

Serving as a chair requires a time commitment that involves leading others, setting goals and achieving those goals. All commitments require giving your personal time. Work is accomplished via email and conference calls.

Those who want to be more involved, seek an elected position on the Nominating Committee, Board of Directors, or President–Elect. These positions require a significant amount of the volunteer’s time but again the personal satisfaction and professional growth gained by the volunteer is priceless.

From time to time, we have calls for volunteers. View all of the current Open and Active Calls for Volunteers.

We encourage you to get involved by reviewing the all of the opportunities available.