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Access AAACN eBooks via EBSCO’s Nursing Subscription Collection

EBSCO’s Nursing Collection is designed for use in hospitals, medical institutions, and academic institutions with nursing or allied health programs, this subscription collection features over 300 hand-selected, quality titles that focus on the needs of nursing professionals, including clinical guides, evidence-based practice manuals, practical handbooks, and professional growth titles.

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EBSCO’s eBook Subscription Collections contain large selections of titles across various subject areas to complement any library collection. Packages are offered on an annual subscription basis with unlimited simultaneous user access at a fraction of the cost of purchase. In addition, titles will be added to subscription packages frequently at no additional cost.

EBSCO eBooks offers hundreds of thousands of titles to choose from, EBSCO offers many eBooks and audiobooks covering a diverse range of topics—but who has time to sort through each title to build the right collection? EBSCO makes it easy to discover the titles you’re looking for by organizing eBooks into pre-packaged collections, including Featured Collections, Subject Sets, and eBook and Audiobook Subscriptions. (Titles within collections can also be purchased on an individual basis via ECM, GOBI or OASIS.)

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Interested in online access to AAACN publications? 

Contact Wolters Kluwer Health - Ovid to learn about how you and your institution can get electronic access to AAACN content including the Core Curriculum for Ambulatory Care Nursing, Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Ambulatory Care Nursing, Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Telehealth Nursing, Orientation and Competency Assessment Guide, and Telehealth Nursing Practice Essentials.

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