AAACN 2023 Strategic Plan

During the Fall 2022 Board Meeting, the AAACN Board of Directors began their journey to discuss and develop the next AAACN strategic plan. The plan includes goals and objectives in the areas most important to AAACN.

Mission: To advance the art and science of ambulatory care nursing.

Vision: Professional registered nurses are the recognized leaders in ambulatory care environments. They are valued and rewarded as essential to quality health care.

Strategic Plan Goals

Goal 1. Demonstrating Value – To empower members to demonstrate their important role in healthcare by building the evidence on the value of ambulatory care nursing.


  1. Build the infrastructure for AAACN to design, conduct, and disseminate research.
    1. Establish the Nurse Scientist and Research Committee.
    2. Finalize a structure for an Ambulatory Care Nursing Journal and secure an editor.
  2. Continue to support, develop strategies, and disseminate resources that articulate the value of the professional nurse (link outcomes, link in NSIs, financial impact).
    1. Complete revision to the NSI Industry Report
    2. Revise the Role of the RN in Ambulatory Care Nursing paper.
  3. Develop long-term strategy to influence policy, reimbursement, and/or legislation affecting ambulatory care.
    1. Determine the purpose, effectiveness, and goals for the Advocacy Committee.

Goal 2: Advancing Competency – Provide resources to support the evolving role of ambulatory care nurses.


  1. Evaluate AAACN suite of resources to determine if new resources are necessary (ensure all levels from administration to direct care).
  2. Develop leadership programming and opportunities for coaching/mentoring.

Goal 3: Shaping Care – To leverage the expertise of AAACN to influence healthcare.  


  1. Maximize the passion and expertise of volunteers to help lead the association.
    1. Define the volunteer leadership pathway for members.
    2. Communicate the nominations and election criteria, policies, and procedures to membership to ensure transparency.
    3. Ensure volunteer leaders are prepared and oriented to flourish in their roles.
    4. Build a volunteer expert database.
  2. Identify areas most important to AAACN where we can have a positive impact.
  3. Prioritize influential organizations who align with ambulatory care and establish partnerships to advocate for ambulatory care nurses.