AAACN is committed to creating workplaces that are free from violence, incivility, bullying, discrimination, and harassment to end workplace abuse and promote healthy work environments.

In today's healthcare environment, nurses are increasingly exposed to situations of aggression, harassment, and disrespect, posing significant risks to their well-being and professional practice. Recognizing the critical importance of addressing these issues, AAACN is committed to empowering nurses with the knowledge and tools needed to educate themselves and protect their safety.

Explore our resources to learn more about strategies for prevention and intervention as we work together to create safer and more respectful workplaces for all ambulatory care nurses.

Position Statement on Workplace Violence, Incivility, and Bullying in Ambulatory Care
This position statement describes the vast impact of workplace violence on ambulatory care nurses and the critical role nurses must play in advocating for its prevention and lays out the basic tools and actions needed in preventing an event, during and after an event, and in influencing a culture of safety within an organization.

Workplace Safety Toolkit
The Workplace Safety Task Force recently published the free Workplace Safety Toolkit on AAACN’s website. This comprehensive resource is a centralized hub designed to empower nurses and staff across ambulatory care settings with essential information and strategies for workplace violence prevention and response.

This toolkit equips nurses with knowledge and interventions to enhance workplace safety. From improving safety perceptions to implementing proactive and reactive measures, this resource is vital for all ambulatory care nurses.