Home health, primary care, pediatrics, telehealth, schools and clinics, ambulatory care nurses are everywhere. Thank you for making a difference in the ambulatory care nursing world.

Meet the AAACN Spotlighted Members:


Elizabeth Anderson, MSN, AMB-BCElizabeth Anderson, MSN, AMB-BC

Elizabeth Anderson, MSN, AMB-BC, is AAACN's newly appointed Chair of the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) Team.

She served on the ANPD Task Force and on the ANPD Team since its inception in 2020. A member for nearly 20 years, Elizabeth previously chaired the Choosing Wisely Task Force.

We know she will do a great job in her two-year term.

Lisa DuncanLisa Duncan, DNP, MBA, RN, AMB-BC, CIC, NEA-BC

Lisa's commitment to ambulatory care nursing is truly outstanding. She has been a valuable member of the Nurse Executive Task Force, an enthusiastic AAACN 101 Volunteer, and an engaging speaker at the AAACN Annual Conference in 2019. Lisa's dedication to our organization is further exemplified by her current role as a Nominating Committee member.

Most recently, Lisa participated as a special panel speaker at the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) Midyear Conference in San Diego, CA, highlighting her passion for advancing ambulatory care nursing, making her an inspiring figure in our field. Lisa Duncan's long-standing association with AAACN is a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to our mission.

Laura Koke, BSN, RN, CPN, CPHON, and Amanda Adkins, MSN, RN.

Laura and Amanda are making a positive impact in ambulatory care nursing and AAACN. Their presentation, Break Down the Silos! The Story of an Ambulatory Practice Council, at the ANCC National Magnet Conference® and Pathway to Excellence Conference® in Chicago, along with their volunteer work at the AAACN booth, is a testament to their commitment to the field.

In addition to their presentation and volunteering at the conference, Laura is a current member of the AAACN Advocacy Committee and the 2023 winner of the Education Scholarship.  Amanda has been a Poster Presenter at the AAACN Annual Conference and a ViewPoint author.

Thank you, Laura, and Amanda, for your dedication to AAACN.

Members that recently became Ambulatory Care Nursing Certified (AMB-BC™)

Ambulatory care nursing certification helps ensure that patients receive safe, competent, and compassionate care in outpatient settings. It elevates the standards of ambulatory care nursing practice and promotes the continuous advancement of the nursing profession. Passing ANCC’s certification validates competency and enhances a nurse’s professional credibility. Ambulatory care nursing certification contributes to the overall improvement of healthcare quality.

Congratulations to our recent members that will now add AMB-BC to their credentials!

  • Kathy Johnson, BSN, RN, AMB-BC, CAPA, CPAN
  • Naomi Yrigoyen-Ortega RN, AMB-BC
  • Melissa Ropella RN, AMB-BC

If you’ve recently become ambulatory care nursing certified, let us know and we’ll spotlight your name and new credentials.

Capt. Andrea C. Petrovanie-Green, MSN, RN, AMB-BCCapt. Andrea C. Petrovanie-Green, MSN, RN, AMB-BC

Capt. Andrea C. Petrovanie-Green, MSN, RN, AMB-BC recently retired from a 30-year career in the United States Navy. A Board of Director since 2021, currently the AAACN Board Secretary, Telehealth Scope and Standards Revision Reviewer, Nurse Executive Toolkit reviewer and board liaison to several task forces and Special Interest Groups. Andrea succeeded in all these tasks while receiving the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) Nursing Award presented by the Surgeon General of the Navy.

Thank you, Andrea, for your service and dedication to AAACN and ambulatory care nursing.

Penny Overgaard, PhD, RN, CPNPenny Overgaard, PhD, RN, CPN

Penny has chaired the Program Planning Committee for the past year, playing an invaluable role in overseeing the preparation and development of this year's Annual Conference. The Program Planning Committee is responsible for the review and selection of oral and poster abstracts, and this volunteer group ultimately crafts the conference program.

Thank you Penny for your dedication to ambulatory care nursing and the success of our conference.


A member of nearly 10 years, Mary Jo Vetter, DNP, RN, AGPCNP-BC, FAANP, has contributed in a variety of significant ways. She has served as Telehealth Nursing Practice SIG Co-Chair, Telehealth Task Force member, a reviewer for the Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Telehealth Nursing, 6th Edition, and has written articles for ViewPoint. She currently serves as Editor of the “Perspectives in Ambulatory Care” column, which is published up to six times annually in Nursing Economic$, a peer-reviewed journal that advances nursing leadership. We thank Mary Jo for her years of dedicated service to AAACN.