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Current Membership Types, Fees, and Privileges


$130 Active (RN)

Active Members shall be registered nurses involved or interested in ambulatory care nursing. Active Members have the right and privilege to pay dues; express opinions about organizational programs, decisions made and actions taken; make nominations for officer elections; vote; hold office; and serve on committees as chairpersons or members.

$105 Affiliate

Affiliate Members shall be those persons with a professional interest in ambulatory care who are not nurses. They will pay dues and may serve on committees but they shall neither hold elected office nor vote.

Discounted Rates

Group Membership 

AAACN's Group Membership Program can help facilities enhance the professional development of their ambulatory care and telehealth nurses in a cost-effective way. Facilities who enroll and pay for the dues for a group of nurses (25 or more) receive a discount off each membership based on how many nurses are enrolled. The more nurses enrolled, the higher the discount. 
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$105 LPN/LVN

LPN/LVNs are also invited to be members. They will pay dues and may serve on committees but they shall neither hold elected office nor vote.

$70 Senior

Members who have reached the age of sixty-two (62) years and have been Active Members for three (3) years prior to reaching 62. Senior members have all rights and privileges of Active Members and shall pay dues at reduced rates.

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$70 Student

Individuals who are enrolled in a professional college or school of nursing, are studying toward initial licensure as a registered nurse, have a special interest in ambulatory care nursing, subscribe to the purposes of AAACN, and abide by AAACN bylaws and policies. 

Student Members shall have a voice about AAACN business and actions but no vote and may serve as committee members. Student Members shall pay dues at reduced rates. This membership type is not available online.
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$1500 Corporate Member

Corporations or foundations interested in the mission of AAACN. Membership shall be upon invitation. Corporate Members may serve as members of committees.
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