Year of the Nurse Celebration Continues

Monday, April 19, 2021

ANA and AAACN continue to celebrate the Year of the Nurse and Midwife in 2021.

Nurses MonthThe traditional National Nurses Week will be extended again this year to a month-long celebration in May. Nurses are the largest group of healthcare professionals in the US, and their impact on health and healthcare is immeasurable.

Through sheer numbers and wide-ranging roles, nurses have an unmatched perspective on prevention, wellness and delivery of health care services. Nurses make an incredible difference in the quality of care by educating communities, advocating for patients’ rights, offering emotional support and helping change lives.

ANA Enterprise’s Nurses Month: You Make a Difference theme will highlight a different area each week, and will provide new content and updated initiatives for Nurses Month 2021. ANA will honor nurses with a free webinar on May 19, 2021: “Redefining Nursing – Reaffirming Our Practice: Introducing the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, Fourth Edition” – register here.

Learn more at ANA’s enhanced Nurses Month website.

Join AAACN in promoting and celebrating ambulatory care nursing as the Year of the Nurse campaign continues.

Commemorate Certified Nurses day or Nurses Month with T-shirts, tumblers, pens, bags, and more, are available for purchase.