Telephone Triage Course

The AAACN vision of telehealth nursing practice (TNP) has expanded from the initial telephone triage to telehealth nursing to accommodate changes in practice.

Telephone Triage CourseHowever, telephone triage remains a current and significant form of telehealth nursing as it is practiced today.

Even with the rapidly increasing use of other technology, the discussion content of our telehealth community clearly demonstrates a priority focus on telephone triage.

A AAACN Task Force is in the process of updating and revising content from member Carol Rutenberg’s highly-regarded telephone triage seminar and developing AAACN’s own online telephone triage nursing course.

The completed Telephone Triage Course will provide in-depth and comprehensive education in telephone triage through the AAACN Online Library.

The completed Course is expected to be available for purchase in 2022.

View Telehealth resources in the AAACN Online Library.

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