2016 Graffiti Board Comments

Nurses who attended the 2016 conference were encouraged to write on our graffiti board!

Here is a graffiti summary about the conference.

⭐️ “Kentucky Blue” Wonderful conference.  Best I’ve been to in 20+ years of nursing!

⭐️ Thank you AAACN and St. Elizabeth Physicians.  Rebecca Hammond, RN, CCCTM

⭐️ I am passionate about being a patient and nurse advocate.  Portia Z., Columbus, OH

⭐️ Thank you for all the support and encouraging ideas!  FDL (MN) Triage RN’s

⭐️ RN4Ever. Charmaine Bushard

⭐️ Tele-health is tele great! Crystal

⭐️ UC Davis Ambulatory Nurses Rock!

⭐️ FQHC nurses rock!!! Crystal

⭐️ Nurses Rock!!!  Shirley Richmann

⭐️ Fabulous Speakers. We Rock!

⭐️ Quality improvement based on Data and RN’s in Community health.

⭐️ Raising awareness of the Scope & Role of the Ambulatory Nurse!

⭐️ Mayo A2 was here! Great time!!

⭐️ Engaging nursing programs to incorporate ambulatory care nursing into the curriculum. 

⭐️ Great opportunity to connect with old friends and make new acquaintances!

⭐️ Ellen, Melissa, Maggie & Gina – XPonCall 2016

⭐️ God Bless You Nurses!

⭐️ See you in New Orleans. CMH RN’s

⭐️ First time attendee. It’s GREAT! See you in New Orleans 2017! Gigi

⭐️ 1st time. GREAT!

⭐️ Congrats Beth Crespo!

⭐️ This is a lovely venue. Love it. Linda

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love my Mom. Taylor

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