Orientation and Competency Guide

You’ve hired registered nurses for your ambulatory care practice…Congratulations!

Orientation and Competency GuideNow, how will you orient them and assure their competence?

We have a resource designed just for you!

You know a strong orientation program is the key to recruiting and retaining qualified staff. Use the Ambulatory Care Nursing Orientation and Competency Assessment Guide to customize an orientation program to meet the unique needs of your nurses.

Who will benefit from the Orientation and Competency Assessment Guide?

  • Nurse Leaders and Managers
  • Staff Educators
  • Preceptors
  • Clinical Nurses

What’s in the Orientation and Competency Assessment Guide?

  • Tips, tools, and examples for building a structured orientation that is evidence-based, meets quality and regulatory standards, and supports safe, quality patient care.
  • Knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) examples to individualize learning, build knowledge, and assess competency.
  • Critical components of ambulatory care nursing practice such as telehealth, care coordination and transition management, patient-centered medical home care, and population management.

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The Orientation and Competency Assessment Guide is a companion to the Preceptor Guide for Ambulatory Care Nursing.

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