Cynthia Murray

Cynthia Murray, BN, RN, AMB-BC, Legislative Action Team RN Lead for the Office of Primary Care, Veterans Health Administration, Washington, DC, has been selected as the next President-Elect of AAACN.

A member of more than 15 years, Cynthia has volunteered her time and expertise on several AAACN publications and Task Forces, serving as Chair/Editor of the revision task forces for the Scope and Standards of Practice for Ambulatory Care Nursing, the Scope and Standards of Practice for Professional Telehealth Nursing, and the Scope and Standards of Practice for Registered Nurses in CCTM. She was elected to the Nominating Committee and has served on the Role of the RN Position Paper Revision and Nurse-Sensitive Indicator Task Forces, among other volunteer roles. She was awarded the 2015 Above and Beyond Award, and received the 2021 Administrative Excellence Award, and currently serves as Treasurer and Director on AAACN’s Board of Directors.

She will serve as President-Elect for the 2024-2025 term and will assume the AAACN Presidency in spring 2025. The AAACN BOD appoints the President-Elect, ensuring selection of the highest qualified member to lead AAACN by members most knowledgeable to make the selection.


Chrystal Lewis

The Board has selected AAACN's 2024-2025 Emerging Fellow, Chrystal Lewis, PhD, RN, Nurse Scientist & Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine of Stanford Healthcare and Stanford School of Medicine, Division of Primary Care and Population Health, in Palo Alto, CA. 

Chrystal hopes to gain a more comprehensive understanding of ambulatory care nursing nuances and scientific needs across the US, and to enhance leadership capabilities, aiming to cultivate the leadership proficiency of the nurses within her team. She also looks forward to the opportunity to learn the ways in which national nursing organizations can influence health policy to advocate for patients.

The purpose of the Fellow Board Position is to provide our Board of Directors with their perspective on emerging key issues facing ambulatory care nurses and the association.


Andrea Petrovanie


Andrea C. Petrovanie-Green, MSN, NC, RN, USN, AMB-BC, CAPT(Ret), currently serving as Secretary and Director on the AAACN Board of Directors, will continue to serve on the Board for one more year to fill the Director seat vacated by Cynthia Murray.