We are pleased to share with you a valuable resource set to empower and elevate your role in ambulatory care nursing – the updated Role of the RN in Ambulatory Care Nursing Position Paper.

Authored by Chair Aleesa Mobley, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, CPHQ, and Co-Chair Jean Bernhardt, PhD, MSN, NEA-BC, CNP, and the revision task force, this comprehensive paper provides an insightful analysis of the current state of nursing preparation for the role of ambulatory care RNs, covering crucial aspects such as clinical practice, education, leadership, and research. Delving into both the challenges and potential solutions, the document acts as a beacon for the future of ambulatory care nursing, calling for action from the nursing profession, ambulatory care nurses, and organizations that employ them.

This paper holds immense value for nursing professionals, clinicians, educators, leaders, researchers, and interdisciplinary health care professionals. By offering increased clarity and a strategic vision, it guides you to practice fully within your scope while holding others accountable for non-nursing activities. In essence, it empowers you to shape the future of ambulatory care nursing practice.

By arming yourself with the insights and knowledge encapsulated in this updated paper, you position yourself at the forefront of ambulatory care nursing, driving positive change in your practice and contributing to value-based optimal health outcomes.

Access the Position Paper

The recently released Role of the RN in Ambulatory Care Nursing Position Statement, complementary to the paper, offers a concise, evidence-based overview aims to promote recognition and appreciation for nursing professionals. Additionally, a corresponding session will be presented at the 2024 Annual Conference.