Telehealth Nursing Certification

The National Certification Corporation (NCC) discontinued its Telephone Nursing Practice certification exam as of 12/31/07. Nurses currently certified through NCC can maintain their certification by meeting NCC’s recertification requirements.Nurse

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AAACN's Vision for Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth will be recognized as an integral part of ambulatory care and AAACN will be the industry leader for telehealth nursing practice.

Although AAACN knows that telehealth nurses are concerned about NCC's decision to discontinue the exam specific to telehealth, we strongly encourage all telehealth nurses to take the ambulatory care exam which is broader in scope.

Because telehealth nurses provide nursing care to patients who are in an ambulatory settings (e.g. home), they must possess the knowledge and competencies to appropriately provide ambulatory care.

Ambulatory care nursing certification, especially with the enhanced telehealth component in the new electronic exams beginning April 2009, is the career credential for all ambulatory care nurses. Ambulatory certification is and will continue to be the gold standard credential for any nursing position within ambulatory care.

AAACN's Ambulatory Certification Review Course is offered in the following options:

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